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roll on retirement
« on: Nov 23 - 2008 »
We have worked for the company since the beginning of the 90s during the good times where we had music, television including Sky, and we were allowed promotions to entice people into the pub. We now have nothing to offer except cheap ale and expensive spirits. We never seem to attract any new customers, only the old die hards. The dark dingy surroundings and smelly old carpets and curtains are now more noticeable since the smoking ban and there is no sign of any refurbishment coming our way.
We are closing in on retirement, but still enjoy listening to backing music at a low volume when we visit our competitors for a drink or to watch football along with our customers. Ironically we boost our competitors trade on sporting occasions at a loss to our own pub which stands almost empty in our absence.
For the customers posting on the site who just enjoy a drink with no atmosphere then Sam?s is the brewery for you, it?s the nearest thing to being sat upon a gravestone in the cemetery with your mates and a pint in your hand.
The amazing thing about working for Sam?s is that you are expected to increase trade year on without any tools of the trade as we previously had.
The unachievable magic of 5% surplus is nonsense. Anybody with any knowledge of mathematics has to be aware of that. If anyone is attaining 5% then I am sorry but you are operating outside the law.
After all this moaning, we must say that we have achieved bonus 3 years running now. It doesn?t stop the Fuhrer cutting our hours though. Its obvious now that the better you function, the harder you are making the job for yourself with the cut back in staff hours. With this in mind we shall now be easing off until such time as, like our colleagues, we are pushed through the door and to the job centre.
We had a visit from the fuehrer Mr H Smith last week and what an introduction from him, ? I am the gentleman that everyone dislikes, and believe me when I leave you tonight, you will also dislike me?. What sort of a greeting is that. Roll on retirement.

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Re: roll on retirement
« Reply #1 on: Nov 23 - 2008 »
A very well written post blueboy

"I am the gentleman that everyone dislikes, and believe me when I leave you tonight, you will also dislike me".

Very sad  >:(
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