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[General Discussion] Cask or keg OBB - who decides? by HMFC1874 Today at 07:07 AM

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xx Cask or keg OBB - who decides?

Today at 07:07 AM by HMFC1874
Hello everyone, it's my first post, so please be gentle.
I've noticed over the years that some pubs have switched between selling the cask and keg versions of OBB. Some I think have flipped between them multiple times.
I was wondering, is the decision on which version to sell down to a pub's manager, or is it dictated by the brewery? Does anyone know the answer to this?
Sorry if this info is already on here, but I couldn't find it.
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xx Malt Shovel, Oswaldkirk

Jan 13 - 2018 by Melanie Starkey
Just read in the local paper that SS have put in plans to restore this village pub to its 17th century origins.  Letís hope the workers donít disturb the ghost whilst they are working there!  It seems the council etc are happy with the plans so there shouldnít be a big battle at the planning stage.  This pub has great views of the Howardian Hills.
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xx Credit card charges

Jan 6 - 2018 by Melanie Starkey
Just listened to radio 4 money programme which kindly informed itís listeners of a change in law.  From next Saturday companies cannot charge customers extra if they pay by credit card.  Makes me wonder if this payment will be allowed by Sam Smiths.  I know at present a small charge is payable by customers so we will have to see what happens.  PS I was not drinking in a Sams pub when I heard this!
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xx Do Sam Smiths Empire lease pubs from non SS owners and other pub groups ?

Dec 14 - 2017 by under250
Just wondering if there are any SS pubs that Humphrey doesn't own but leases from freehold owners etc and also does he have much impact on the Social clubs in Tadcaster and beyond.
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clip Duke of Argyll refurbishment?

Dec 11 - 2017 by DarkieBoy
The Duke of Argyll in Soho, London is currently closed.  Could this be for a refurbishment, along the lines of the Fitzroy?

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