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[General Discussion] Closed pubs. by Owen Mar 24 - 2018
[General Discussion] OBB is InsideBeer's Classic Beer of the Month by OnTheDrink Mar 24 - 2018

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xx OBB is InsideBeer's Classic Beer of the Month

Mar 21 - 2018 by OnTheDrink
Samuel Smith Old Brewery Bitter, 4%

If ever a beer were a complete antithesis to the blisteringly hop-forward IPAs that dominate today’s craft beer scene, then Samuel Smith’s Old Brewery Bitter would be it.

Like many things this stubbornly independent Yorkshire brewery does, Old Brewery Bitter refuses to conform and play the game.

From a brewery that declines to advertise its own name on its pubs, that stocks no branded spirits or soft drinks in those pubs and that brews just one cask-conditioned ale comes a beer that defiantly ploughs its own furrow, majoring on malt and keeping hops well and truly in the background.

Old Brewery Bitter is a fine drink but you do need to appreciate malt to fully enjoy it. It pours a clear amber colour, suggesting the inclusion of crystal malt alongside pale, and offers a full, silky, mostly sweet taste with light touches of caramel.

Hops are there, of course – mild-mannered English varieties – but they only provide a gentle counterbalance of bitterness and a little vague fruit.

The other flavour that is just perceptible is that of oak. Old Brewery Bitter – again showing its individuality – is just about the only cask beer I can think of that is only ever served from oak casks (Sam’s employs two coopers to make the casks and keep them in good order).

The beer is not in the wood long enough to make a huge difference, but I think it does bring a delicate tannin dryness to the beer, which, again, helps offset the richness of the malt.

Restricted Sales

The fact that the beer is only dispatched in this way means that Sam’s restricts the availability of the beer to its own pubs – and not all its pubs at that. There was quite a hoo-ha just over twenty years ago when the company decided it would no longer provide Old Brewery Bitter to many of its London pubs as the turnover was not great enough to keep the beer in good shape.

Rather than switch to metal casks, which have the potential to keep beer cooler and fresher, they just removed the beer. There is a keg equivalent now in those pubs, but it’s the cask version you’ll really want to seek out.

When you find it, it is, of course, very good value, as Sam’s – in its own strange way – always defies the market and keeps prices very keen.

More than that, you’ll find a rare survivor from the days when not only had US hops not taken over the British brewing industry but neither had stainless steel casks.
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xx Fitzroy Tavern Wins Award

Mar 20 - 2018 by bigjim
Today's Guardian:-

London pub's Victorian makeover wins Camra design award

Fitzroy Tavern wins Camra’s Pub Design refurbishment award for overhaul that restored many of its original features

A former coffee house in the heart of London’s Fitzrovia has won a major national pub design award in recognition of its recent transformation back to its original Victorian splendour. The year-long refurbishment of the Fitzroy Tavern was hailed today by The Campaign for Real Ale (Camra) as one of the best pub designs across Britain, which also include the “longest bar in Britain”, a 1930s neo-Georgian roadhouse and a new-build pub.

The former Fitzroy Coffee House was converted to a public house in 1897 and over decades it grew in popularity – and notoriety – to become the hub of the capital’s bohemian society. The artist Augustus John said of it in 1927: “If you haven’t visited the Fitzroy you haven’t visited London.”

The Fitzroy Tavern won the overall refurbishment gong after its owner, Yorkshire-based brewery chain Samuel Smith, restored much of the interior to its Victorian guise. Polished mahogany partitions with acid-etched glass were installed downstairs to recreate the original “snugs” – divided along class lines – while wrought-iron pub signs in keeping with the originals were erected outside. The pub closed in the spring of 2015 for the major refurbishment.
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xx Closed pubs.

Mar 17 - 2018 by OBBboy
How many Sam Smiths pubs are currently closed.
I'll start off with the Royal Oak, Ulley.
Old Mother Redcap, Sheffield.
Brigadier Gerard, York.
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thumbup New SS Official App

Mar 8 - 2018 by OldBreweryDrinker
Looks like the brewery is finally moving with the times and creating an app for the outlets that sell their beer. Some of the pubs are also on the app,including the Harewood Arms Hotel,Eagle Tavern Leeds, but missing out the Dyneley Arms. Is this deliberate or not,as some of the other hotels are on it as well. Does H still not want us to know where all his pubs are after all this time & research.

Even Betty's now stocked SS beers.

Here is the android link

I am also assuming that there is a Apple one too.  just added.

Is this the first job of the new Marketing Executive that was advertised a while ago.

Just tried the developers website and got redirected. More secrecy
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xx Accommodation

Feb 27 - 2018 by Coastguard
Could anyone shed any light as to the standard of the accommodation? Is it maintained by the brewery>?
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